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Cherry Master Blend Sour Ale

ABV 7.2
Style Fruited Sour
Source Tumwater, WA
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Product Description

When we were offered more Balaton cherries than we knew what to do with, we made a bunch of pies!

The rest went into the beer you now hold in your hands, our Cherry Master Blend.

Balaton is by far our favorite cherry to work within beer and the organic cherries from our friends at O.P.M.A. in Okanogan, WA, are rich in tart pie flavor with a deep, sweet cherry aroma.

Aged in oak with year-old sour brown beer and a small amount of sour amber for a light touch of crust, it’s more a pie than a beverage!

The beer was refermented in the bottle by its own resident microflora for several months to achieve a balance reminiscent of some of our favorite Flanders beers.

Drink now for more fruit character or allow the beer to continue to mature for a funkier experience.

ABV 7.2%